We create, install and maintain gardens throughout Sydney. Our team of horticulturalists help you create and care for your dream garden.


We take pride in our ability to create, rejuvenate and preserve the outdoor space, providing natural beauty within the urban environment.

Whether you require regular maintenance, a garden tidy up or a complete redesign, we are the team for you.

Our horticulturist staff ensure the optimum presentation of your garden is achieved throughout the year with our professional horticultural staff.

Garden maintenance

Regular programmed garden maintenance is what we do best. We guarantee your garden will look its best all year round. We will provide you with a Horticultural team which will remain the same throughout your time with us. You will receive a service and payment schedule for the year. We also provide regular supervision by the owner of the business Michael Bautovich. You will get one fixed price for the year to include labour, fertilisers, sprays for pests and diseases and green waste removal if required.

One off garden visits,
Garden design & renovations

One off garden visits or garden renovations for your garden. We can come whenever you need a service and it can be from 5 man hours to a few days or more. We will quote you a fixed price and advise you on what we feel needs to be done, or it maybe something specific like hedging, weeding or pruning.


Each program is based on a per annum price and includes the removal of green waste if required, as well as the supply and application of all fertilisers and sprays for pest and disease control so that your garden will look its best year round.

We provide a schedule of actual service dates and payment dates, ensuring easy organisation for you and clear budgeting.

If you require more time spent on your garden than we offer in these programs, then please contact us and we can arrange a time to meet with you.

To request a quote for any of our services please either phone or email The Garden Maintenance Company and we will contact you to make an appointment.

Program 1

For people who like their garden maintained on a weekly basis throughout the year, this will ensure your garden looks its best all year round. On this program we can ensure that the health of your garden is maintained throughout winter, as well as the warmer months.

4 or more hours per week throughout the year.

Program 2

This program is for people who require fortnightly maintenance throughout the year as maybe their garden is not as large or detailed as in a program one garden.

4 or more hours per fortnight throughout the year.

Program 3

This program is for people who don’t feel they need regular fortnightly services throughout winter.

4 or more hours every two weeks from September through to May inclusive then once every four weeks from June, July and August.

Program 4

This program is for people who feel one service every 4 weeks through out the year would be best.

4 or more hours every four weeks throughout the year.


Maintenance programs are quoted on a per annum basis, detailing all components of your program. Then we break it down to a simple fortnightly payments, which is processed manually by us on your Visa or Mastercard credit card.

For garden renovation, soft landscaping and landscape services, we quote you on a fixed price basis (except for and subject to variations on landscape work according to the landscape contract).

A 20% deposit is required on acceptance of the quote, then progress payments depending on the size of the project and the balance on completion.